Introducing The MN Table!!  

The Minnesota Table is an idea centered around quality and convenience. We are passionate about our mission of easing the pressure and stress that our busy lives can bring! To pursue this goal we decided to start with the basics; wholesome, delicious, high quality meals. What better way to bring you peace to your life then sitting down to a hearty, healthy meal that is ready when you are? We want you to have all of the joy of mealtime without the stress and hassle of preparing those meals yourself. Our meals are chef-prepared, nutritionally balanced and frankly, really good. Every meal includes an entree, a salad and side-dish that will serve 4-6 individuals. We strive to offer organic, sustainable and local ingredients whenever possible.

Let us take the stress out of meal time and prep!

Each week we offer multiple options.  Order as many as you please.

Who We Are

Brage Hanson

My background encompasses social work, financial services and nutrition coaching...but my most important role is that of a wife and mother. Brian and I have a beautiful family with five children aging 23 to 2 and yes, everyone one says the same thing when they hear this, yes, we are busy! Nutrition is very important to me. Food is medicine and is very important to our health and wellness. So I love to feed my family well but time is of the essence and the kitchen is not my favorite place to reside. With a larger family, the prep and clean up of 3 meals at home can almost take the entire day. Or at least that is how it feels to me. My dream and vision are to alleviate the pressure, stress, and time needed to thoughtfully prepare nutritious meals. Let us take that off your plate!

Hollie Sookhai

I have been joyfully married to my husband for 17 years. We have four lovely children and reside in the NE metro. My degree is in sociology and also am a Certified Nutrition Coach. I love to travel, especially with my girlfriends, and discovering new places and spaces. My passion for food, nutrition and teaching are innate and have simply grown with time. My friends are often the beneficiary of my passion and I am so excited for this circle to grow. We are grateful for your support!